Why Your Family Needs a Yoga Retreat...


We love doing yoga.

We love being with our kids.

Why shouldn’t we enjoy a Yoga retreat designed for Family!

Since the birth of my daughter almost six years ago I have been imagining what it might be like to go with her on a Yoga Retreat. I am lucky because she already practices Yoga with me. But of course, most of what I see being offered is directed at only adults (sometimes even very specifically kid-free adults).

As a parent it often feels like you need to choose between time for ‘you’ and time with your child or children. And that can be challenging. Because we all know that we need space and time for ourselves as individuals but we also like to share important and meaningful experiences with our kids.

Now you don’t need to choose between ‘me’ time and a fun shared experience.

Gloriously, you can have both.  

We know that our Family Yoga retreats are not your ‘typical’ Yoga retreat. As a parent you can probably imagine that there will be less silence, the energy will be more playful and you will still need to encourage your kiddo to eat his/her broccolli ;) But we think you will still LOVE your retreat days with us, here is why:

#1 - You will eat great without doing all of the cooking & cleaning.

You can nourish your body with delicious and lovingly prepared meals without considering groceries, preparing the table or the dishes that need to be cleaned. But what I really mean to say is that you get to take a pause from the rhythms of your daily life and all things familiar. Taking this sort of break, even if just for a few days, can be revitalizing and inspiring. While you are on retreat you get to step away from some of the tasks of everyday life and focus that time and energy into connecting with your kids and new friends.

#2 - You will make new friends.

Being a parent can be an isolating experience. In general Family Yoga is an opportunity to meet like-minded parents - many parents enjoy relating to other parents before, during and after class while the kids play and laugh together. During a Yoga Retreat aimed at families you can expect to connect with others. You and your kids are likely to create some memorable moments within the community of participants. Maybe some of these newfound connections will evolve into lifelong friendships.

#3 - Family Yoga is a tool for family connection.

Humans desire connection. Family Yoga can help us reclaim or continue to grow our connection as family and as community. During these playful classes we specifically rely a lot on group and partner poses that encourage bonding and communication. By physically connecting in yoga poses we experience challenges together that are light-hearted and fun. This is well-spent family time that will result in positive and joyful shared experiences.

#4 - You will get ‘you’ time (and so will your kids).

You deserve some moments just for you. Because, quite frankly, it will make you more ready, grounded, centered and resilient for all of the demands of parenting. During our Family Yoga retreats we want to balance a little bit of ‘me’ time for adults (and your kids) with fun community time and connection with family. Each day activities and yoga sessions will be offered for your kids while you spend some personal time practicing yoga or doing whatever it is that you desire. When you care for you, your whole family will benefit.    


#5 - You will have fun.

Together we will create an atmosphere of joy. Both in unplanned moments and organized activities we are doing our best to provide you and your family with an experience that is unforgettable. Laughing is great medicine for people of all ages and we think that you will find plenty of moments to enjoy your family in a new setting.

So, what do you think?! These are just five reasons that we think you should come… and perhaps there are many more. One of my Kids Yoga teachers, Gopala (Rainbow Yoga, Australia), said that, “Family Yoga will change the world.” That comment gives me a good feeling. And I can see how it has already made an impact within my household and in the lives of the families who regularly attend my family yoga classes. We are changed for the better.

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