Flex your Brain-Muscle

Yesterday I received a YouTube Video link from one of my yoga students (this one).

It is a video about a grown man learning how to ride a mechanically altered bike. At first glance it seems rather simple but he can’t seem to re-program his mind to steer a bike that turns right when he moves the handlebar to the left. In the video he mentions that it takes him about 8 months of consistent practice to learn how to ride the new bike.

More interestingly… he makes a similar bike for his son who had only been riding a normal bike for a few years. The son rather effortlessly masters the new bike in about 2 weeks time! Making a much smaller effort than his father...

The conclusion… kids - who are already in the process of wiring their brain (working out neural connections) - are perfectly poised to learn motor skills. Motor control is mostly formed before puberty meaning that the greatest window of opportunity for learning movement patterns is early in life.

Yoga creates patterns and offers challenges that help people, both young and old, cope better with stresses (physical, mental and emotional). Youth with their particularly plastic and still forming mind can create meaningful pathways that will strengthen their brain function related to movement and wellness for life.

Come flex your brain-muscle with your kids in an upcoming Family Yoga class!

Family YogaEmily Pease